Company specialized in the creation and production of shows and entertainment.

The world of entertainment, the hotel sector, theme parks and party rooms. We provide our own shows, creating and producing shows for different events, Resorts, hotel chains and international markets. The Maex Team has collaborated with major brands:

The Maex Team has collaborated with major brands:

The development of The Maex Team has been carried out between Spain and the United States, carrying out since 2014 several annual tours with their productions in the main cities such as Chicago, Miami or New York.

In Spain, assumes the creation and artistic direction of the multidisciplinary show “Iroko” for the theme park “Terra Mitica Park” (Benidorm, ES) with more than thirty artists on stage, in addition to the production of artistic programming and staging of the show for Iberia Village Resort.

Throughout its career, The Maex Team has had the opportunity to offer its services to international markets such as China, Arabia, Israel, France, Italy, Latin America, Germany, Africa, understanding their culture and operation, where the company has been able to draw on its cultural and artistic concept.

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THE MAEX TEAM, has an extensive catalog of international artists and companies of distinct kinds to which it distributes and represents for different spaces and artistic projects


A unique and creative line where CREATE, FEEL AND ENTERTAIN THROUGH THE ARTS.

Live entertainment for an international customer looking for an exclusive and original artistic experience in each project.